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                                                          On the morning of January 5, 2022, China Huarong held a press conference providing updates on strategic investor introduction and capital increase, the resumption of stock trading, as well as the Company’s operating results and development strategy for the next step.
                                                          January 5, 2022, China Huarong held a press conference, providing updates on strategic investor introduction and capital increase, the resumption of stock trading, as well as the Company’s operating results and development strategy for the next step, and answering questions raised by reporters. The on-site Q&A records are provided below.
                                                          On 29 August, China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. released announcements of 2020 annual results and 2021 interim results.
                                                          Our Business

                                                          Distressed asset management is the foundation of our business. We apply different operational and management models for different distressed asset market segments to realize income from appreciation in asset value and restructuring of assets. Our distressed asset management business is comprised of distressed debt asset management, DES asset management, custody and agency services for distressed assets, distressed asset-based special situations investments and distressed asset-based property development. With our professional technical advantages, extensive experience in capital operations and accumulated client resources, our professional team is able to maximize the value of distressed assets. Based on our experience, we have gradually explored and formed a distressed asset pricing mechanism and a risk control system befitting our business features. Meanwhile, backed by our sound process management and risk management systems, thorough due diligence investigation, flexible transaction structure planning and stringent project risk control measures, we have achieved effective risk control. Prior to the acquisition of distressed asset, we conduct stringent due diligence investigation and prudent assets evaluation. After the commencement of a project, we conduct regular and consecutive monitoring as well as dynamic management of the project and the related collateral. When we dispose assets, we also conduct appropriate evaluation and make the disposal in a public and transparent manner. Through a comprehensive set of project process system we manage to classify, reassess and enhance the value of our distressed assets in order to maximize returns.

                                                          Withour multiple financial licenses, we provide our clients with flexible, customized and diversified financing channels and financial products through a comprehensive financial services platform composed of Huarong Xiangjiang Bank,Huarong Financial Leasing, Huarong Securities,Huarong Consumer Financeand Huarong Futures. This creates a comprehensive financial service system which covers different business life cycles for clients and the entireindustryvalue chain. Utilizing our industry experience and expertise, we design and provide customized financial products and services catering to the needs of different client groups as well as their unique needs at different stages of the business lifecycle.

                                                          Supported by assets, customers and technical advantages accumulated from our business of distressed asset management and financial services, our asset management and investment business includes asset management, financial investments, international business and other business. It primarily generates commission and fee income, as well as investment income, which enhances the overall profitability and improve the business and income structures of the Group. Our asset management and investment business extends and supplements our distressed asset management business and serves as an important platform for providing our clients with comprehensive arrays of diversified asset management, investment and financing services. Based on the asset management capability, experience and project resources from the operation of distressed assets, as well as the diversified financing channels, customer resources and marketing channels powered by various financial service subsidiaries, we can effectively carry out the third-party asset management business, and continuously explore the asset-light and capital-light profit model while reducing credit and liquidity risks.

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